Print Exchange Opportunity (its for a good cause!!) :)

Wild Friends Print Exchange, Exhibition and Fundraiser

Alfred, One of our American Crows

The Wild Friends Department at the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab, UT is home to two American Crows, Alfred and Anabel, who belong to our state and federally licensed Wildlife Education program. Crows can live up to 80 years. Help us keep our crows comfortable and happy for many years to come by participating in our Print Exchange. Your application fee and donations will go toward the $4,000 needed to build a bigger and better home for our crows.

What is a Print Exchange?

This print exchange is an invite to all artist/printmakers to make an edition of 13 prints with the theme: Crow.  Any printmaking technique can be used including relief, intaglio, lithography, silkscreen etc. Upon turning in your 13 prints, 10 prints will be sent back to you by randomly selected artists who also participated in the exchange.

Not part of the print exchange but still want to donate? Any donation amount is greatly appreciated. (Donate $25 and receive a 4x6 glossy photo of our crow Alfred.  Donate $50 or more and receive an original crow print!)  Thank you!

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